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The C&BLE Team will get you dancing... along with plenty of tea, cake and laughter!

They specialise in teaching dances from the 1920's to 40's and run regular weekly classes in Lindyhop and Balboa in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.  Hoc & Mark travel from Glasgow to Torquay (and in between!) teaching Novelty Dances from the late thirties.

Their aim is to introduce you to partner dancing in a relaxed, friendly environment, with a strong emphasis on connection (lead and follow). Even with a basic understanding of footwork this will soon mean that followers can dance by connecting with their partner and not just copying the move that they see the lead doing.

So why not come along and join them for one of  their weekly lessons?

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Welcome to Cambs & Beds Lindy Experience. (C&BLE)

With or without a partner they rotate pupils as they teach to enable you to build up your confidence in social dancing.  You may, however, stick as a couple if you wish…. although this may end up in differences of opinion!

Classes are on a drop-in basis. Naturally you will progress faster if you join them every week as they cover steps over a term but do re-cap when necessary.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (if possible with leather soles to give you a little slide and take the pressure off the knees) - otherwise there are no special requirements for attending classes. Also as the classes usually end up with even numbers you don’t always need to bring a dance partner.


Call Hoc on: 01767 680013  

General Enquiries Email:

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Hoc, Mark, Donna, Paul, Ellany & Harry.