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The C&BLE Team is made up principally of Hoc & Mark (founders) with Julie & Rowley teaching at the Cambridge class and Lyn & Grahame popping up for C&BLE events (even though they have re-located to Lincolnshire).

Hoc & Mark discovered a love of Lindy in the early 1990s after a brief affair with Jive to Gold Medal standard. They were soon spending every free weekend in London at workshops and lessons and travelling to dance camps around the country.

After attending numerous classes they were asked to share their moves locally. This escalated into weekly lessons in 1996, which are still going strong today. These were the first Lindyhop lessons in East Anglia and many of their former pupils are now spreading their enthusiasm.

Their dances are always ‘what they say on the tin’ and their love of the 1930s and 1940s is apparent.

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Mark:  A keen interest in living history finds him as much at home in a trench as on the dance floor!  

He comperes and DJs occasionally under the name ‘The Melody Man’  but would much rather be dancing than playing, especially when he plays his favourite tunes!

Mark Melody Man

Hoc: Never misses an opportunity to show her bespoke knickers and have fun!!

Often seen in NAAFI uniform dishing out tea.

Hoc & Ondrej
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Rowley: Don’t laugh at his jokes; he’ll never stop!

Single ladies love to dance with our ‘cheeky chappy’ with his instant smile. He is a good lead but will only lead to his partner’s ability.

Lyn & Grahame:  Happy to help at events and jolly things along – unless the football’s on!!!

We are also fortunate to have many ‘back stage’ supporters:

Karen is our valued ‘receptionist’ and ace tea maker on a Monday.  You can be sure of a warm welcome.

Special mention to John (Chairman! - chief putter away of chairs), Bruce (washer up supreme) & Pauline; stand in and ‘sensible one’.  James; our favourite DJ; JP Swing and helpful wife; Justine.

Julie: She even looks glamorous in a pair of slippers and a pinny! Julie left the Isle of Ely and discovered the forties scene whilst living in Norfolk and couldn’t leave it alone! Now happy to pass on her knowledge of dancing to everyone.

Julie & Rowley

Personal Highlights: Teaching Lindy in the Antarctic, Bletchley Park scenario at the Festival of Remembrance, Queen Mother’s 100th birthday pageant, whistling on stage with Ondrej Havelka & His Melody Makers.

Hoc Ewing dishing out tea

Introducing; Harry & Ellany

In 2019 we had additions to the C&BLE Team. After years of helping teach at Twinwoods our granddaughter joined our demo team.  She loves vintage clothes and is a keen gymnast, which can be seen in her performances.

Her partner is Harry.  Also well-known on the dance scene for his dancing (and cheeky personality!). He has just finished touring in the stage play of Tom Gates.  His first dance performance was the Dean Collins Shim Sham with Mark.

Ellany and Harry both learnt new dances for the show dance and are keen to continue, making a great and enthusiastic partnership.

Julie & Rowley

Paul & Donna; live in Kent & are renovating their home but they find time to join us for our show dance at Twinwoods. They have been dancing for years and perform in Kent regularly.

Julie & Rowley

C&BLE at Twinwoood 2019.

Joined by our great friends Paul & Donna who literally jumped at the chance to perform with us again!