Are you looking for something for your event a little more hands on? More interactive? More in keeping with a particular historical dateline?

With the C&BLE Team’s love of 1920s to 1940s they can bring that ‘period’ look and feel to an event.

Ideal for Museums and Living History Events, they can put together a diorama with period props and then involve the public in that setting. It could be ‘Holidays at Home’, evacuation, etc.

They teach dances from the 1920s to 1940s in a more historical context where, along with the dance, the clothes worn and the story behind them are as important. They could teach social Foxtrot, like your grandparents would have danced, or some forgotten dancehall crazes of the period and the still remembered Lambeth Walk?

The C&BLE Team has been busy digging in the archives and has uncovered a number of ‘Novelty Partner Dances’ the latest of which; the Palais Stroll and Knees up Mother Brown, have been resurrected and showcased across the country. These are ideal ‘ice breakers’ at parties or events, as anyone can do them and no previous dance experience is needed - a chance to encourage everyone onto the dance floor.

Re-Enactment (Living History)


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Hire Us

C&BLE can re-enact and also teach or dance at your event. Contact Hoc if you would like to discuss this. An enjoyable dance class is a great way to start the party and get people to mix, whether it be a wedding or birthday.

If you’re looking for music from the era then our very own MC and DJ Mr Melody Man can bring his collection of tunes to your event, playing a great selection of dance music for all to enjoy.

Q)  How much would it cost to hire you?

A)  There is no easy answer to this - it depends what we do, where it is, how many people are involved, what distances they travel, etc. Please Contact Hoc with your requirements.

Q) Is all your clothing authentic?

A)  Yes - we strive always to wear authentic clothing and try to match it to specific datelines where appropriate.

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